Online Teaching Carries the Curriculum Forward During Pandemic

Online classes offered students continuity, which helped them transition from a vibrant intellectual community to at-home isolation. Many students found they express their critical-thinking skills more clearly at a distance. Faculty were able to meet course learning goals, and to maintain their mentoring role in students’ lives. Lab courses faced particular challenges and faculty and […]

From Deep History to Future Sustainability

INTERDISCIPLINARY BY NATURE “We live in a rapidly changing global environment with many human-caused environmental issues that need to be addressed through science and policy,” says Associate Professor Dull, Ph.D. “My hope is to help equip our students to be transformative leaders in the global effort to create a more just and sustainable environmental future.” […]

Physics Professor and Students Participate in Historic Experiment

“We are looking for yet-undetected ‘super- symmetric particles,’” said Sebastian Carron Montero, assistant professor of physics at Cal Lutheran, “predicted by so-called Grand Unification Theories, which seek to unify the known fundamental forces into a single theory.” This is one of the central questions in physics, and physicists have been searching for evidence for these […]