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Welcome to Cal Lu Abroad! Here you can read about first-hand travel experiences from real Cal Lutheran students. Get the inside scoop on things such as program selection, budgeting, first-time jitters and more. Check out the stories below.


Why You Should Choose SFS

Learn why Environmental Science major, Natalie chose to study abroad with CIEE in Panama.

First-Time for Everything

Read about Karlee’s experience with IBS across Asia, visiting countries like Thailand and Vietnam.

Pack with Me – Florence

Watch a meet and pack with Cameron as he gets ready to study abroad in Italy

Thoughts Before Moving to Scotland

Get Kristina’s thoughts on what it feels like to get ready to travel abroad for the first time in Scotland.

Studying Abroad in UAE

Read about what the United Arab Emirates has to offer through the eyes or marketing major Wehida.

Going Abroad as a Student-Athlete

Get inside tips and tricks that Cal Lutheran athletes used to maintain their lifestyle while studying abroad

Studying Abroad on a Budget

Get tips and tricks on how to save up money for your study abroad program.

Combating Reverse Culture Shock

Re-adjusting to life back home can be tough for some people. Read how Natalie got through it.

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