Adapting to New Environments

Summer is in full swing right now, and the idea of a new school year seems pretty far in the future for most of us. However, August will soon come around and we will all be making our way back to campus for another year at CLU! I will be a Junior when we return and I honestly cannot believe that I’m already in my third year, it’s insane! Time really has flown by and the terrifying prospect of “adulthood” gets ever closer…. However, I’m not talking about that today. I wanted to talk about how to adapt to your new environment, specifically as international students, who often face many more challenges the the residential students.

If the idea of getting on your first flight to the US, moving alone, or even just living with strangers for the first time is a daunting one to you do not worry, I feel you! It can be super scary at first, even more with the culture shock you face when arriving in the US. My advice to you would be to surround yourself with familiar things, whether its food from home, photos of people you cherish, or even just simple home comforts – make your home from home feel like just that! I’m so lucky to have the best friends around me who are also international students, and I think this is super important too. Without them, I would feel more alone because we RELATE to each other. We face similar struggles and therefore, you face them together. If you are wondering where to meet other fellow international students, come to the CGE! I’m usually there, along with loads of other friendly faces who will always be happy to talk to you and help you with any problems you may have 🙂 We also hold lots of fun events, as well as having peer mentor programs which are super helpful for new students! (I recommend this, it helped me loads!)

So, for now enjoy the rest of your summer! Be optimistic and look forward to the new school year, you will have the best time!!!

By: Sophie Davies